Working with Variables

Working with Variables

Variables can be used to store configurable information used by jobs and scripts. In the example below, several Variables have been defined.

Use the following steps to walk through
  1. Viewing variables
  2. Selecting and changing a variable

  1. Navigate to the Project’s Variables tab


  1. Modify the server time offsets to reflect the time differences of each server
  2. ServerTimeOffset-HubSpot – typically US Central time
  3. ServerTimeOffset-Creatio
  4. Connect Creatio's iPaaS is on US Central Time


  1. Change ClosedWon and ClosedLost Opportunity Type Ids if different from current selection


  1. Specify User Ids for each Connect Creatio user


  1. Specify the default sales representative for Creatio. This will be used to assign the Leads.


New variables can be created by selecting the New action at the upper left most part of the Variable grid.
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